Cancer fashion and more chemo

All is well, with an asterisk. The last couple of chemo sessions were serious smackdowns, and also I have had a mild virus. So I have spent much of the last two weeks hanging out in bed. Luckily, I have the wardrobe for it. My stylist (that would be me) has put together multiple sets of very cool pajamas with matching beanie caps, socks, and other accessories. No kidding – I’m a fashion legend in my own room.

In good news, tomorrow’s chemotherapy is single-dose, so I’m looking forward to a happier week. However, the medical team has conferred and believes that I can handle and would benefit significantly by three to six more weeks of chemo. Given that the CA-125 remission testing needs a minimum of four more weeks, it makes sense to me to sprint from here to the finish line. But fasten your seat belts; it may be a bumpy ride.

Sorry about the mixed metaphor.

Thanks very much for checking in. Have a wonderful week!

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