Playing the cancer card

Good evening. Thanks for sticking with me. The general update is that I’m holding my own, but between you and me, some days it ain’t easy.

I have created a special deck of cards. One side of the cards is blank, and the other side says “Cancer.” So now, whenever I can’t get something done, or can’t show up somewhere, I deal one out. That is, I play the cancer card – literally!

I’m thinking everyone should have a deck. It could say things like “Chronic back pain – can you pick that up?” or “Arthritis,” “C.R.S.,” “I’m ridiculously overbooked,” “Going through a difficult breakup,” “Get off my lawn.”

This could be big.

Beelzebub is more or less living up to his name. He is a pain, but on most days a manageable one. I appreciate your thoughts and prayers standing between me and his worst. I am often able to work and play, and that’s a gift.

SKIP THIS PARAGRAPH – DEFINITELY TMI. One of the current side effects is mucositis. When the medical team mentioned that possibility, my first thought was: “Pft! What’s a little extra spit?” It turns out, however, that the name does not refer to mucous, but rather to the highly sensitive mucosa membranes in the mouth. My mouth and tongue are sprinkled with about a trillion ulcers. Oral lidocaine and soup are my new best friends – except that I have to eat the soup cold, because heat makes the sores worse. You should try cold coffee. It’s pretty good. Well, that’s not true, but it definitely beats no coffee at all.

Life is good, though. The thought of getting more of it makes Beelzebub seem like Bambi. The joy of my life right now – apart from having another day with the redhead – is seeing and hearing from so many people I love and admire. Thank you.

Next up: Chemo with a side of Beelzebub tomorrow afternoon. Happy Halloween! Our hearts go out to those affected by the tornadoes in Dallas. Much, much love . . . Liza

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