Good news

The reviews are in: Five stars from everyone except one crotchety radiologist.

In a wonderful test result, my CA-125 blood marker is within normal range for the 4th reading in a row. It even went down a little, to 16.1. It’s still not single digits, but I’ll take it, because for now, NO MORE CHEMO! Oh the joy!

I want to be bouncing up and down and shouting the word “remission” from the rooftops. However, it appears we can’t pop a cork just yet. The CT scan showed a few small “spots.” My surgeon believes that they are simply scar tissue from November’s major surgery. (Go Team Surgeon!) The killjoy radiologist is calling the spots “nodularities,” which is jargon for “I have no idea what these spots are, but I’m not signing off on remission until I’m darn sure they aren’t cancer.” I can respect that. The radiologist wants to repeat the CT scan in 60 days, which is the time period necessary to confirm the spots are stable and not growing. I won’t be able to use the “r” word until Team Radiologist gives the go-ahead.

It’s true that the redhead and I would like to have a more definitive and immediate sense of closure, but hey. Even if they say the magic word, the reality is that recurrence will always be a possibility. Right now I’m looking at 60 days of chemo-free life outside the bubble. I’m looking at easing back into the office to do work that I love. And in a few weeks, I’m looking at some beach time with the redhead. Life is good.

Speaking of the redhead, he has asked me to thank you from the bottom of our pea-pickin’ hearts. I have no doubt that your prayers and positive energy have been helping steer this ship for the past eight months. We are blessed beyond measure at the wealth of friendship and support that you continue to give us. “Thank you” doesn’t really cover it, but it’s all I have right now, so THANK YOU!

And also for now, please know that no news is good news. I hope very much to see you soon. Prepare to be hugged.

Thank you for your upload