Chemo vacation

What a wonderful chemo vacation. Thank you for your good wishes. The time is just zooming past. I can’t believe it has been so long since I posted.

When we last left our drama queen (i.e., me) I was awaiting a second CT scan to determine whether the “nodularities” the radiologist saw in the prior scan were anything to worry about. Were they harmless scar tissue? New tumors? Old tumors in hiding? A gestating alien? Some marbles I swallowed when I was three?

We still don’t know. The scan was inconclusive. The surgeon is convinced it’s scar tissue; the radiologist is worried; and I have lost interest. Even before the second scan came back, I reached an epiphany: I will assume I am in remission unless and until I get conclusive evidence that I am not. No good comes from fearing the worst.

And anyway, there are reasons to celebrate. My CA-125 is still normal. There is wine in my very near future. Alan has learned to tweeze his own ear hair. And I finally have a surgery date. The ileostomy takedown will happen this coming Friday. My preparations so far have included getting my affairs in order and getting a mani/pedi to complement the color of the hospital gowns. I settled on a pinkish neutral with a hint of sparkle.

It was my first trip to the nail salon since September. The peripheral neuropathy and BUMMER syndrome in my feet have made it impossible to have a pedicure without crying in public. There turned out to be crying anyway, though. My manicurist took one look at my nails and broke down completely. No, just kidding. But she did “tsk” so vociferously that I was afraid she would choke.

But buh-bye Bilbo Baggins and hello hair. At the very least, I will be on chemo-vacation for another couple of months. Hallelujah!

I hope you are having a wonderful summer. Thank you for being here with me. I would be grateful if you would please send some prayers the redhead’s way as he carries me through another round of surgery and recovery these next few weeks. We appreciate you very much.

Thank you for your upload