The bliss of comfort

I woke up this morning to the bliss of being comfortable. Warm and cozy. Good night’s sleep. No pain anywhere. I lay there for a while and just soaked it up. Total bliss.

I should report that another blood clot happened. This time it was in my arm and not serious. Well, it was just serious enough for the redhead to hustle me down to the ER, where we spent most of the night “under observation,” until after looking at the ultrasound, he agreed I could sneak out the back door. The people-watching there is fantastic. One guy walked in with a butcher knife halfway buried through his track pants and into his thigh. I couldn’t decide whether it was an assault or an unfortunate mise-en-place incident.

Book Update: Thank you very much for reading my book. I’m amazed and joyful on a daily basis that you are laughing at and thinking about words I have written. In particularly astounding news, “A Voyage of Heart and Song” is being ranked from time to time in Amazon’s top 100 adventure travel books. This is SO MUCH FUN. What a hoot. I feel awkward asking this, and I deeply apologize if it’s an intrusion, but if you have read and enjoyed the book, would you consider posting a review on Amazon, Goodreads, or Barnes & Noble? Thank you to everyone who has done so already.

I’m off to chemo in a few minutes. Single-dose, piece o’ cake.

Have a great weekend! And Happy Super Bowl, assuming you are not supporting the Patriots.

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