Proudly shallow

Generally speaking, I’m proudly shallow. Whenever I’m in danger of having a deep thought, I tend to pick up a People magazine or watch a British sitcom until it goes away. But something has emerged that I would like to share. WARNING: It concerns death and dying, so read further at your own risk, and preferably over a cocktail.

What a gift it is to have advance notice that one’s life is approaching its end.

I know we are all aware that none of us is getting out of this alive. And we try to live our lives in daily appreciation of that fact. But to be given an irrefutable heads-up that death is on the horizon? With months of time still (with luck) to live and love and say goodbyes? With basic health and energy to get stuff done? I’m telling you, it’s an out-and-out blessing. To say that I’m grateful for this time is to say that the taste of a dark chocolate truffle paired with a Barossa Valley Shiraz is merely mediocre.

Of course, I’m doing everything in my power to stay alive as long as I can. And I will continue to share way too much information about the process. But if you see me laughing and wonder whether it’s denial, or possibly a break with reality – no. It’s just plain old happiness. Or maybe it’s that the redhead has said something ridiculous. But whatever.

As for moving forward with treatment, we have chosen Option #4. Chemo has begun and will happen about every two weeks. So saddle up, and thank you for being here. All is well.

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