CA-125 test result (#3 of 4)

Quick update for some great news! The CA-125 ovarian cancer marker test result is in, and it’s again in the normal range. That makes three good results in a row. If I get one more “normal” in three weeks’ time, folks, I will officially be in remission.

Hard to believe it’s so close.

There is an asterisk, of course. There’s always an asterisk. The normal range is 0-35. For those keeping score, the actual number this time was 16.5, which is a hair in the wrong direction from the previous 15.1. In short, this was not the continuing downward-skipping trend to single digits that we were hoping to see. The competition junkie in me is slightly and very ridiculously miffed.

But this is obviously not a game. Remission has been the only goal of the road that began way back in August. And remission is within reach.

So grateful.

Thank you for your upload