I miss wine

I miss wine. It does not play well with chemo.

Last week was a double dose, so I have been hunkered down. I spent the weekend in slug mode with pajamas, the couch, televised football, and the BBC.

Have I mentioned that I miss wine?

In great news, I received the results of a recent blood test for the CA-125 ovarian cancer marker. The normal, non-cancerous range is zero to 35. I started this adventure back in early August with an astronomical readout of 608. After bouncing around quite a bit, my marker is now at – drum roll, please – 22.3. Normal range! If I can get it all the way down to a single digit, though, statistics say that my chances go up dramatically that it will stay there, indicating remission, and for a longer time. I’m aiming for a 7. Please be thinking Lucky #7!

To increase my chances of getting to Lucky #7, the medical team has tacked on more chemo sessions, through February. Fine with me. Welcome, in fact. Bring it on.

And finally, to the tune of the chorus of “My Boyfriend’s Back,” by the Angels circa 1963 (please refer to the chemo side-effect referenced in a prior post):

“Yeah, the BUMMER’s back, it’s gonna need some medication
(Hey-lah-day-lah, the BUMMER’s back!)
I really need to take a tropical vacation
(Hey-lah-day-lah, the BUMMER’s back!)”

Have I mentioned that I miss wine?

I want to thank everyone who has ordered my book. The response has truly lifted me up.

Thank you! – and happy MLK Day. Have a wonderful week.

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