Core biopsy and paracentesis

In addition to another paracentesis today, the fine folks at UTSW Interventional Radiology performed a core biopsy.  Although I have already received a diagnosis of peritoneal carcinomatosis, the core biopsy is intended to allow the oncologist to fine-tune the chemo cocktail to be as effective as possible.

By the way, today’s paracentesis makes a total of just over 6 liters of fluid drained from my abdomen — 5 liters last week, and 1.25 liters today. For the last couple of months, as that fluid built up, I was thinking wow am I old and fat.  (Now, of course, I’m thinking wow I have advanced stage cancer.)  But draining all that fluid, which was shoving up against everything, including my lungs, certainly has made it easier to breathe and work.

Thank you for your upload