Status and Stomach Jabs

All is well. This was a single-dose week for chemo, so I feel like I’ve been on vacation. We used the time and energy to make our home more comfortable and well-equipped for the weeks ahead. I also played a little bridge and got my nails done! – and continued to wrap up a few last work items. I want to thank my firm again for stepping up and freeing me to concentrate on treatment and recovery.
The blood thinner stomach jabs are going just fine, by the way. I have it down to about 10 minutes. First, there is the mandatory 4-minute procrastination period. Then, there is about a 2-minute prep, followed by 10 seconds for the actual injection, followed by a little after-party and the clean-up. Easy peasy, and more fun with the right music. However, I have gained new respect for my friends who have lived with insulin and other self-injections their whole lives.

Thank you for your upload