Like a cat

I am feeling a lot like a cat. I’m not supposed to bend over, post-surgically, so whenever I knock something off onto the floor, I just kind of look down at it for a second and walk away. Whenever I pass a cozy spot, all I can think is “ooooh, time for a nap.” If I start feeling an urge to jump up on the Christmas tree and knock it over, I promise I’ll seek therapy.

Part III on the road to remission is in full swing. The current schedule calls for nine more weeks of weekly chemo, the same as before, including three double-dose sessions. It’s going to be over before I know it, and I’m still way behind on my thank-you notes.

I have some good news, though. When I was first diagnosed, one of the many thoughts and emotions that slammed into me was fear that I would not be given time to finish the book I was writing. The redhead and I spent six years (1998-2004) living on a sailboat and sailing around the world, and the book is about that experience. Well, there’s nothing like having a deadline! I have been working on the book every day that I have been reasonably able, and last night I uploaded the completed manuscript to Amazon for self-publication. It will be a month or so before it comes out, but my part is done, wrapped up, completed, concluded, finalized, finito, and in the can. I rested easier last night than I have in many months. No matter what happens, the redhead will have something to read and remember.

Hope your holiday plans are coming along nicely. Thank you so much for being here. Have a wonderful week!

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