Genetic testing results

In wonderful news for my extended family, the genetics department at UTSW has determined that I do not carry any of the genes that are currently known to be associated with ovarian cancer or with breast cancer. On behalf of all my female relatives, I am so relieved.

We had some drama recently trying to get my blood thinner rebalanced post-surgically, but all is now well. The medical team ended up cutting my dosage in half, which has allowed me to take a good five seconds off my personal best injection time.

I am also happy to report that on a few occasions this past week I have felt well enough to be able to kinda sorta see a light at the end of the tunnel. Since about September, I have been too wobbly to drive and too immuno-suppressed to leave home for any purpose deemed not strictly necessary. But on Monday afternoon, I felt so good and the weather was so perfect (70 degrees and sunny) that I said to heck with it. I fired up my little convertible and went for a drive with the top down. It felt like a jailbreak. It was absolutely glorious, except for the part where I sunburned the top of my head. #baldproblems #meandtheRock

Tomorrow is single-dose chemo. Monday is a doc appointment to determine whether I need three more weeks of chemo, or six. Either way, I’m good with it.

Have a great weekend!

Thank you for your upload