Weekend Update

Update from Alan: Liza made incredible progress over the weekend.  Walked the length of the hallway, eating solid food, and hopefully discharged fairly soon. Wonderful news!!!!


Day after surgery

Morning update from Alan: Liza is awake, smiling, and doing well. Vitals all stable. Will try walking later today. (8:55 am)

Update from Liza and Alan on the results of the surgery: Best possible outcome in terms of removing the visible tumors!! Now, this doesn’t mean that she is “cured,” but the chances of meaningful remission are now greatly enhanced. She’ll have more chemo to try to make sure those nasty cancer cells don’t make more tumors, but this is about the best news we could have gotten. Liza and Alan both wanted us to pass on thanks for all the prayers, good vibes, support, and caring. (12:03 pm)


Surgery Day

Update from the redhead: In pre-op now, scheduled to go in around 10. It will likely be a long surgery (5-6 hours), so don’t be alarmed if we don’t post any updates for a while. As Alan said, right now, no news is good news. (9:20 am)

Update from the redhead: “Liza just taken to surgery. Smiling & doing well with a little pre-op cocktail on board. Surgeon said about six hours.” (11:05 am)

Update: Surgery in progress. Liza is stable with a few more hours to go. (2:05 pm)

Late-breaking news: Stable and coming out of surgery! (6:30 pm)

Unbelievably good news, y’all: Liza is awake and extubated and doing well!!!! Hallelujah!!! (6:43 pm)

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