Surgery Day

Update from the redhead: In pre-op now, scheduled to go in around 10. It will likely be a long surgery (5-6 hours), so don’t be alarmed if we don’t post any updates for a while. As Alan said, right now, no news is good news. (9:20 am)

Update from the redhead: “Liza just taken to surgery. Smiling & doing well with a little pre-op cocktail on board. Surgeon said about six hours.” (11:05 am)

Update: Surgery in progress. Liza is stable with a few more hours to go. (2:05 pm)

Late-breaking news: Stable and coming out of surgery! (6:30 pm)

Unbelievably good news, y’all: Liza is awake and extubated and doing well!!!! Hallelujah!!! (6:43 pm)

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