Chemo #1

The first chemo session went well yesterday. They put you in a recliner, and there’s a TV on the wall. It’s a lot like going to the nail salon, except the chemo technicians are far less judgmental — not a single “tsk” or eyeroll at the condition of my cuticles.

Earlier that morning, the wonderful folks at Interventional Radiology, at UTSW Clements Hospital (shout-out to Dino), installed my mediport device.  The device is implanted internally.  From yesterday on, all blood draws, IVs, and chemo will be accomplished using the mediport.  I happily consented to one 30-minute sedated procedure (and 48 hours without a shower) in exchange for many dozens of a la carte bloodwork sticks and IV hole-punching.

Thank you for your upload