Chemo snacks and other consultations

I am a Central Texas girl. When someone tells me I will need to pack a snack for chemo, my first thought is to take a mayonnaise sandwich. For those of you not from Central Texas, a mayonnaise sandwich is Miracle Whip and bread and that’s it. So I’m sitting there in chemo, and no sooner had I broken out my mayonnaise sandwich — I mean, within seconds — than the cancer nutritionist strolls into the room for my nutrition consult. I was so busted.

But wow what resources UTSW provides. In addition to the nutrition consult, I was visited by chemo nurses with much info on what to expect; by the chaplain (Tammy, who is an absolute sweetheart); and by . . . wait for it . . . a music therapist! UTSW provides music therapy to its chemo patients.

I am definitely in the right place.

Thank you for your upload