Halfway through Chemo

We are nearing the end of Week 6, and all is well – halfway done! My medical team tells me that my labs are holding up fine. They also warn me that chemo is cumulative, and that I should expect some additional challenges in the second half. My plan is to channel Aaron Rodgers.**
(**For non-Cheeseheads, Rodgers went out with a knee injury in the first half of the Green Bay/Chicago game last Sunday, and then gimped back in the fourth to throw three touchdown passes for the win. For extra credit, compare and contrast the Cowboys.)
On a serious note, I would like to thank the department of anesthesiology at Children’s Medical Center for their support, both emotional and logistical, of my sweet redheaded husband. The entire department has been there for him. I won’t name anyone, because there are too many to name everyone, but I’m particularly grateful to the leadership team, including the department chief and the Supreme Boardrunner Commander, as well as the awesome staff, for giving the redhead a schedule that allows him to be there for me. And his colleagues could not be kinder or more supportive towards him every single day. They are even taking his call. I am profoundly and a bit tearfully grateful to all of you.
And hey! – I still have hair. It’s sparse, but it’s hanging in there. With liberal applications of gel and half a can of hairspray, I can get it to cover my whole head. It’s a medical muhrkle*, and the talk of the chemo clinic.
(*Texan for “miracle.”)
Y’all have a good weekend.

Thank you for your upload