Happy new year! I am feeling great about 2019, but I can’t deny that my appearance has changed. My own phone doesn’t recognize me. Every time I pass a mirror, I wonder what Sinead O’Connor is doing in my house.

Chemo day will be on Friday for a while, and I’m still limping around from a double dose. I had to invoke a wheelchair for the first time last week – very tough on my pride, which although it wenteth before a fall, is plotting a full comeback.

This past year has been, to put it mildly, a challenge. But I have so much gratitude for its blessings as well, particularly for —

  1. The redhead
  2. My mom, still going strong at 85
  3. The wealth of love and support from you, my wonderful friends

My official theme song for 2019 is “Staying Alive.” Cue the Bee Gees, and let’s get this party started.

Thank you for your upload